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According to E! Online, Stacy Keibler and George Clooney are OVER….but why?


Apparently, contrary to what people might want to believe, it’s being reported that there’s nothing ugly behind the breakup.

“It happened a little while ago,” a source close to the couple said, “Stacy decided to end things.”

Contrary to speculation that Keibler, 33, bailed because she wanted to get married and have kids, the source insists settling down with the 52-year-old Oscar winner was not a factor.


“Stacy has always said she doesn’t know if she’ll get married one day or have kids,” the source said.

Apparently the real reason is the ever so popular “Their schedules clashed” celebrity excuse.

The source said, “George is going to be out of the country for awhile and Stacy has her new show and the food line she’s developing here,” the source said. “It’s a completely friendly breakup. There was nothing ugly going on.”


Well…regardless of what happened, women everywhere can finally rejoice that their favorite perpetual bachelor is FINALLY BACK ON THE MARKET! YAYYYYY!














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