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Well this is an interesting way to show that you love America.

Julianne Hough posted this pic of herself barely holding an American flag towel over her naked body on her Instagram account on July 4.


She included the comment, “TBT. Happy Fourth of July.” TBT means throwback Thursday, and in this case it’s appropriate because this sexy pic is part of a photo shoot from July 2008.

Based on her recent pics and messages on Instagram, Julianne, 24, certainly doesn’t appear to be upset over her ex Ryan Seacrest’s recent Fourth of July outing with a new woman…probably because she’s too busy trying to show him what he’s missing.

While the actress appears to be having fun in the American flag towel, a few Instagram users got upset because they thought she was wearing an actual American flag.

“I am a big fan, but as a military wife and as a military brat you are disrespecting the flag. The flag is NOT ever meant to be worn or draped on the body as you have displayed here. Even if you have a bathing suit on, this violates the regulations for use of the flag. Like it or not, it’s not cool,” one user said.

Two days later, on July 6, Julianne shared a photo of a fan, mimicking her sexy Fourth of July pic. Next to the photo of a male fan draped in an American flag, Julianne wrote, “Haha I’m dying!!!”

Either way, Gooooo Americaaaaa!

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