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I always wondered if this was a problem for artists who might have their playlists saved on their iTunes or whatever….getting freaky and bam their song comes on.


How does Robin Thicke handle it?

When asked by Heat Magazine if he’d ever made love to one of his own songs Robin quickly responded: “I have, yes! If it shows up in the middle of a playlist. I never purposely put it on, though.”

The singer’s controversial new video sees him dancing around with nude girls including model Emily Ratajkowski who carry around lambs but he quickly explained that being around lots of topless women doesn’t compare to being with his wife.

“There are three girls, so mathematically that’s three pairs of boobs. But, to be honest – and I’ve got to be honest – I’ve been around a lot of boobs. My wife has one of the most amazing pair of boobs you could ever see, so these ones didn’t knock my socks off,” Robin admitted.

When the singer was then later asked to explain how sexual he was on a scale from one to ten he quickly quipped: “Oh, I’d say about a 24.”