Some lucky girl, who some consider UNlucky, got a chance to sit next to Justin Bieber at the infamous Heat game that he was spotted wearing a ridiculously large hat.  Notice the Hashtags she used in her Instagram pic of the singer…


Seventeen Magazine got ahold of the girl and asked her about the experience:

“The only words that he said to me the whole game were to scoot over when he sat down.”

She even tried talking to him, but nothing could break down that leather barrier of his:

“I attempted to talk to him, but he wasn’t feeling it…He like, wasn’t letting anyone take pics of him, even by himself, so I was like, ‘You obviously love the cameras,’ so he was like ‘,Yeah.’ It was just really uncomfortable,”

I mean Bieber is OBVIOUSLY creepin on this chicks phone while sitting next to her…


I understand he doesn’t want his picture taken by anyone… but dang man…  OH!!! And let’s not forget:


Hook up” with Justin Bieber!!  Details here!!

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