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A mother of four (in Peru) was trapped in her bed for six months because of her giant breasts.

The woman’s chest grew to a gigantic N cup after her third son was born seven years ago.

Doctors think she is suffering from a rare condition known as gigantomastia, which is excessive breast growth that could happen spontaneously during puberty or pregnancy, or while taking certain medications.

She couldn’t move because all of the weight. If she tried to get up she would faint because her breasts were so heavy.

The 29 year old woman got help when local media paid for her to take a three-day boat trip to the nearest town for medical help. Surgeons had to cut 35 pounds of flesh from her breasts. If she wouldn’t have gotten help, her breast could have squashed her lungs and killed her.

(The exact cause of gigantomastia isn’t known, but it could be due to the hormones that are present during pregnancy. During pregnancy, there’s a surge of hormones that cause the breast tissue to increase.)