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Well this looks like a problem…

When Kanye West showed up at Kim Kardashian‘s baby shower, he didn’t appear very happy to be there. A source says it was because he wasn’t exactly thrilled to hang out with Kim’s friends at the shower!



“He probably wasn’t in the mood to be around all Kim’s friends, all the ‘quote on quote’ celebrities, and all those women,” the source explains as the reason Kanye wasn’t excited to be at the shower.

Wait…so Kanye hates fame whores….BUT he’s with Kim Kardashian? Something is wrong with this picture, people.




The source adds that the shower “just ain’t his scene. He ain’t trying to hobnob with a bunch of people, especially people [he] doesn’t even know. But he would never let Kim down so he showed up.”

Aww....he looks so happy to be there (sarcasm....)

Aww….he looks so happy to be there (sarcasm….)


Although Kanye wasn’t too excited about hanging out with all of Kim’s friends, Kanye was still super attentive to Kim during the shower.

“Once inside, everyone got to see how loving and doting he was towards Kim. They opened gifts together and there was lots of laughter and Kanye whispering sweet things to Kim,” the source reveals.”The shower was a big celebration of love for them and a celebration of the next chapter of their lives together with the new baby.”



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