Justin Bieber works hard and parties hard too. The 19-year-old (Yes, 19….as in NOT 21 yet) is such a good friend, he showed up to celebrate Jaden Smith and Will Smith‘s premiere of After Earth but his night didn’t stop there.  They picked up some girls (<—wonder how Selena Gomez feels about THIS)  and ended up club hopping all over NYC.


Justin rolled up to the premiere and was immediately rushed into the famous Ziegfeld Theater. The singer sat through the film and then raced back to his hotel where he met up with some of his friends before leaving his hotel around midnight to his the town.


“He partied at Marquee, went through the back door at 1Oak and then left and headed to Avenue,” a source tells said. “At Avenue he went through a secret entrance. They picked up a couple girls along the way.”

He didn’t get back to his hotel until 5:30 a.m. and he left his hotel an hour later to head to the airport.


And as crazy as his night sounds, the craziest part is—-he’s still underage.


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