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Trey Songz, prom stylist???

No, thats not the name of a new contest they’re running on MTV, Trey Songz actually will style and prepare your dew for the biggest night of your high school life!

When he was 17, the last thought in Songz’ mind was becoming an R&B star. He had already dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a barber.

“When I was 17 I did my girlfriend’s eyebrows,” confessed the singer in an interview. But that’s not all, Trey didn’t forget about his boys! He hooked them up with fades whenever they needed one.

The question is; would YOU let Trey Songz style your prom hair??

Now, being a guy, I obviously do not know about the sacred land that is a woman’s hair….but I wouldn’t let that man come within five feet of my head with a pair of clippers!

If there’s anything we know, its that rappers don’t make good barbers. Case in point, the movie ‘Barber Shop.’

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