Pregnant Kate Middleton is SO CLOSE to becoming a mom to the future British heir to the throne — and now the speculation has begun about the details of her upcoming birth.

Kate is reportedly open to having a C-section and is leaving the final decision up to the royal doctors, according to Now magazine.


“When it comes to the birth itself, Kate will leave all the decisions to the doctors on the day about whether it’s a natural birth, what pain control she’ll have, or if it needs to be a Caesarean,” says a royal correspondent.

And will Kate be breastfeeding? It sounds like she is open to that as well, despite a tradition among royals to not breastfeed.

Princess Diana was said to be the first royal to breastfeed when she had Prince William and made headlines for breaking the royal tradition (by doing something that women everywhere consider normal), and now a royal expert expects Kate to do the same.


Since, after all, William and Kate are way more new school than those before them, which is AWESOME.

“I’m sure she’ll do exactly what most women in this country do which is to breastfeed,” the royal authority says about Kate.

Given that Kate is due in July, we won’t have to wonder about her royal birth for too much longer!



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