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According to TMZ, when Bieber wants people to stop talking about him, HE IS SERIOUS.

The good news is Justin Bieber WILL invite you to one of his house parties (maybe…). The bad news is, if you talk about it—he’s gonna sue your ass for $5 million.


TMZ obtained and posted a copy of a document EVERYONE must sign before entering Casa De Bieb in Calabasas, CA. The doc — a Liability Waiver and Release — warns that anyone who blabs about any of the goings on inside the mansion will get nailed, and that includes the “physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of Bieber or the guests.

The document makes it clear … anyone who violates the terms of the waiver will automatically be on the hook for $5 million in damages. OUCH.


Oh and side note, this ALSO includes social media. If you dare tweet about the party — $5 mil. If you blog — $5 mil. If you Instagram — $5 mil. Foursquare—sorry boutchaaaaaaa!

And who knows what goes on inside, but the form warns there might be activities which are “potentially hazardous and you should not participate unless you are medically able and properly trained.”


And there’s more … The risks include “minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death.”



Truth be told … other big celebs also make people sign these waivers too…but reading through Bieber’s is honestly pretty entertaining.

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