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Angelina Jolie’s war on cancer isn’t over.

After breaking the news Tuesday with the announcement of her double mastectomy in a New York Times Op-Ed, it’s been revealed that she is planning another surgery, this one to remove her ovaries.


Her mother died of ovarian cancer at 56, and after genetic testing Jolie found out she carries the “faulty” BRCA gene that gives her a 50% chance of also developing the disease.

Experts say such carriers generally should get their ovaries removed as soon as they finish having kids or by age 40.

It’s not clear when Jolie, 37, plans to have the procedure, but there’s no obvious medical reason she has to wait following her April 27 breast reconstruction, doctors said.


“She could get (the surgery) tomorrow. It’s a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time,” said Dr. Sharyn Lewin, a gynecological oncologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia University Medical Center.

For someone Jolie’s age, the procedure causes “surgical menopause,” which can lead to early onset of hot flashes and bone loss.


This can be treated with hormone replacement therapy, and experts said Jolie is a good candidate because her double mastectomy would protect her from the breast cancer risk associated with the low-dose pills.

In an interview USA Today, Brad Pitt called the experience of Jolie’s double mastectomy “an emotional and beautifully inspiring few months.”

Here’s hoping that whenever this surgery take place, the paparazzi let her recovery in peace. Bravo Angelina–very inspirational for women everywhere.