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The winner of a phone-in radio contest turned out to be… the former Mrs. Paul McCartney…  Heather Mills.

She pocketed tickets to a Whitney Houston concert this week which would normally cost $150 each.

She felt the need to enter despite winning a huge $45 million divorce payout from former hubby, former Beatle, Paul McCartney.

Mills phoned a British DJ  on his Saturday morning show.

The caller was announced as “Heather Mills in Hove” and she guessed the missing word in one of Whitney’s songs – “How Will I Know”. She then, sang along to it on air while walking her dog.

After winning she shrieked: “That is wonderful, thank you so much. I can take my girlfriends. I am really excited.”

BTW: the DJ had no idea who he had been speaking to.

He said: “It was not until after I put the phone down that I realized who the caller was.”

Heather Mills sent a text to confirm it was her.


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