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Dozens of military moms, grandmothers and children were attending a White House Mother’s Day tea party yesterday when Michelle Obama introduced a special guest.

She said, “Well … Surprise!” as none other than Prince Harry walked in and joined them in the East Room.


The guests, who had been eating cookies, cakes and smoked salmon, broke into applause and THEN THIS HAPPENED..

JUST KIDDING. But you know every woman in there secretly wished it did….since after all, we all saw how the Naughty Prince gets down during his Vegas trip.

But of course, since it was a Mother’s Day celebration and all, he was on his best behavior. (Darnit…)

“He’s only got a limited amount of time with us but when he heard about the tea party and all of you, he wanted to be part of it to personally thank you for your service,” The First Lady said.

She also mentioned his recent tour in Afghanistan and told the crowd he was a captain in the Army Air Corps of the British Army, adding that he “spends much of his time supporting our wounded, warriors and families of our fallen.”

Earlier, Harry, 28, was introduced to a small number of children doing a craft project. He knelt down with some youngsters and playfully stuck out his bottom lip as he teased a girl. (No, not that kind of tease…*wishful thinkinggggg*).



This was the second stop on his first day of his U.S. tour. At a presentation for one of the charities he backs – landmine clearance group The Halo Trust (a cause his mother, Princess Diana, was an advocate for)– he was welcomed by a slew of excited Senate workers.

Oh, hi Prince Harry, there’s lots of women in Indiana would be JUST as EXCITED if you came by to visit here too!




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