Prince William and Kate Middleton are all ready for the royal baby! The couple, who are reportedly expecting a baby boy, and have decided to hire some help! But don’t get too excited, they won’t be accepting applications. They have already hired one of Queen Elizabeth‘s former servants to be their housekeeper to help them prepare for his arrival.

William and Kate are currently living at Nottingham Cottage, which is on the grounds of the Royal Palace while they wait for Princess Margaret‘s former residence to be renovated.

And not only do they have the nursery planned, they have hired 42-year-old Italian maid Antonella Fresolone to be their housekeeper.


Antonella, who was one of the Queen’s three top housemaids, landed the highly coveted post after the Queen gave her blessing to help them in their new life as parents.

This is perfect! Kate had such a tough time at the beginning of her pregnancy as she was hospitalized for severe morning sickness, so anything she can do to help relieve her stress when the baby arrives will make things run so much more smoothly.

Plus, she will be able to play a soothing lullaby that was written just for her baby! Because she’s royal, and she can, obvi. And no I’m not kidding.

Famous composer Paul Mealor wrote music for Kate and William’s wedding in 2011, and now he has written a lullaby called “Sleep On” just for the new arrival.


After writing music for the Royal Wedding it seemed natural to provide the musical accompaniment for the next stage of the royal couple’s journey together.

Famous classical singer Hayley Westenra will sing the song, and she said:

Paul and I got together to work on a song called Sleep On in honour of William and Kate’s new arrival as it’s such a joyous occasion which we can all celebrate.


Woohooooo, the countdown to royal baby is officially on!

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