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Looks like there’s some added pressure for Demi Lovato as she returns to X-Factor to fill the void left by Britney Spears and LA Reid because a rumor surfaced in Star magazine that Simon Cowell asked X Factor judge Demi Lovato to lose 20 pounds.

Yep, you heard that right. 20 POUNDS.


“Simon doesn’t expect Demi to be supermodel skinny, but he does want her to look like she’s in shape,” stated the insider. “He’s set a weight-loss goal of 20 lbs. for Demi and asked her to work hard on it through the spring and summer.”

Though Cowell is a powerful force in the entertainment industry, the fact that he might have told a 20-year-old girl to drop weight in order to appear on his show makes him look like quite the d-bag.

Plus, don’t forget that Lovato is recovering from anorexia and bulimia. The former Disney sensation, who publicly battled anger management issues and has spoken openly about grappling with self-mutilation, has made a tremendous effort to get her life on track. So this is the LAST thing she needs to deal with.


The story, however, appears to be untrue. Cowell’s reps issued a statement in response to the allegations.

“This story is complete lies,” they said. “Simon has never and would never, ever say this. It has been completely made up.”

But let’s be real. The comments didn’t sound too far-fetched coming from Simon.

There were rumors last June that Cowell had judge Britney Spears on a strict diet for the show, though Brit’s rep denied it.

Then, in 2004, Karen L. Smith, a clinical social worker specializing in eating disorders, wrote an essay on the dangers of Cowell’s remarks about the weight of American Idol contestants and his fellow judges.


When Mandisa Hundley auditioned for America Idol in 2006 Cowell quipped, “Do we have a bigger stage this year?” (Hi, um RUDE).

In a 2008 interview, Girlband, who competed on the UK version of X Factor, said that Cowell wanted members of the group to drop a few pounds.

So…I really don’t know what to believe. But from the looks of it, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Simon really DID tell Demi to drop some poundage. And if so, I like him even less…if that’s even possible.


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