This is a secret women don’t want the fellas to know about. Why? Because it can destroy your reputation in a single hashtag. It’s the nuclear weapon that could end a man’s dating game. Welcome to the world of Lulu.

Lulu is a female only app that is described as “the first-ever app for reading and writing reviews of guys, sharing tips, and having fun with your girlfriends.” In other words, if you are a guy you do not want to be reviewed because it is all the things women say about you behind your back. Women can anonymously rate them without their consent. The men, who are all guys the women know via Facebook, are rated on a scale of one to ten. Their profiles are automatically pulled in when the women they know access Lulu. When rating a man, women are prompted to share how they know him (friend, ex-girlfriend, etc), then asked to check off all the good and bad qualities about the man that apply.

However, not all is bad with Lulu. This app isn’t just all about bashing guys though. If a guy deserves it, you can rate them on a positive scale. The dating world has changed. If you have someone knew in your life, you can use this app to do some research he will never know about. Enjoy.


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