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It’s official.

Justin Bieber has taken d-baggery to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

What’s worse than a dude in a fedora? A dude in a fedora OVER a burglar face mask.


Just when you didn’t think it could get any worse….Biebs wears THIS in public:


Uhmmmm, whutttt?


Not that the face mask is a new addition to Bieber’s chosen accessories — he posted the following photo to Instagram on April 18th (please note the spelling mistake—-it’s CHANEL Biebs, CHANEL. SMH…). 

I mean, if “fashionable criminal” is what he’s going for, I guess that’s cool (or not)…but the facemask AND fedora.

No….just NO.




There are no words….wait….actually…there is one:




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