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Ok, I get it, I’m RIGHT there with you single ladies. I, too, vom a little every time I see another mushy love status on Facebook from a newly engaged friend. ESPECIALLY when it seems like I’m one of the few single soldiers left (you feel me?) and it only makes it worse when the lovey dovey engagement pics go up.

But get ready to love your life because behold: here are 11 engagement photos that will make you HAPPY (and relieved) to be SINGLE.



That special moment: This newly-engaged couple chose to show the world their love with matching wings Man-card REVOKED, Tinkerbell-boy.

The fact that they have the same haircut is the LEAST of their problems.
If this is their “normal” I’d hate to see what they wear on Halloween.
'Honey, my chinos are soaked': Let's hope this loved-up couple have access to a tumble-dryer in their hotel#MermaidWannaBeProbz

Is this a new Kama Sutra move…or just the yoga move “Ying-Yang Butt Crack on Tree Stump”?
 The couple who pays for parking together stays together….errrr…I guess.
The groom-to-be seems oblivious to the camera but his future wife seems quite used to such behaviourHow does her face taste, Hannibal?

Got that? The young groom has his work cut out for him with his glamorous future wifeYeah, keep smiling girlfriend, until you learn that exactly the position your new finance had to take to get your engagement ring out of its “hiding spot”..

This endearing pair made sure their shiny white teeth matched as well as their polonecks for their engagement photoSO HAPPY RIGHT NOW THAT IT HURTS MY FACE!!!

The man seems delighted in his choice of spouse, though she doesn't necessarily look quite so smittenHer thoughts right now: “What the hell was I thinking? FML…”

A leafy woodland was the perfect setting for this newly-engaged pair who posed as wood nymphsThere are just…no words….



See? Don’t you just feel so much better? I’ll take single over awkward any day!





(Thanks for the pics awkwardfamilyphotos.com [collected by buzzfeed])

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