“Last year, I was single for the first time and I sold my house in L.A., and I’d just finished my world tour and I was like, ‘I think I’m going to go to France,'” she says. “I went all by myself, I didn’t know anyone and I got an apartment and I did school with Berlitz, five days a week, six hours a day.”

The trip to France allowed Avril to hone her language skills while also embracing her independence and keeping a promise to her dad.

“I walked around the streets by myself and I was in school,” she recalled. “It was so weird because I’m super ADD and I can’t sit still. It was hard and I was jet-lagged too for, like, a month. But it was really cool. I loved it.”

Avril had a chance to test her language skills when she experienced a medical scare while abroad.

“I ended up hurting my back and I was in the hospital in Paris by myself,” she recalls. “I had to figure it all out.”

The singer is now back in the United States, getting ready to release her new album and planning her wedding to Chad Kroeger, but she plans to keep improving her French.

“I’m still gonna continue to learn,” Avril says. “It’s so much fun, speaking another language.”

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