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I’m pretty it should be illegal for Snooki to give ANYONE fashion advice.

But with her tiny 4-foot, 8-inch frame, Snooki knows how hard it is to pack on the pregnancy weight and dress for your growing shape. And while Snooki looks better than ever, fellow reality star Kim Kardashian is still six months pregnant — and getting slammed for her growing figure and choices of maternity wear. Snooki reveals how she really thinks the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Star should dress.

Snooki talked with the gossip gurus from HollywoodLife at the launch of her new music label Team Snooki Music (WTH?) and said that people have been unjustly harsh on the mom-to-be:

I think Kim should just dress the way she wants to dress and if she’s comfortable she’s comfortable. Obviously, you know, the tabloids are rude and they’re nasty… and Kim knows that she looks good and that’s all that matters. I mean, they’re really hard on her, but I think she looks great.


Reminder: this is coming from a girl who thinks that wearing multiple animal prints paired with an oompa loompa fake tan is cool.


Although Snooki says she thinks the mom-to-be looks great, she offered some style advice to Kim at the GLAAD Awards on March 16:

Well, I didn’t try to wear tight things. And I feel like she’s trying to fit into tight things. But I saw a picture of her and she was wearing a blouse and she looked awesome, so needs to stick with the blouses!

Yeah Snooki, I think she should just stick to getting advice from Kanye’s people. Because she’s got enough problems already without letting Snooki raid her closet.


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