It’s more than obvious by now that Kim Kardashian is getting criticized for the “23” or 65 pounds that she has put on during her pregnancy, but now, sources are stating that the reality star has been getting extra kurvy because she’s trying to score a diet deal.


Considering that we already know Kimmy has been enjoying some In ‘N’ Out, chicken and waffles and frozen yogurt, it might seem like she is after $$$, but we think this speculation is bogus — especially because of how depressed Kim is about weight.

However, a couple of insiders think otherwise.

They said:

“I wouldn’t put it past her to blow up just so her weight loss is more dramatic. The way diet company deals are structured, bonuses are often built in for losing more weight in a shorter period of time.”

“She knows what she’s doing by showing off her heavier figure and stuffing her face in public. The more she looks heavy and out of control with her eating, the more she will be worth. Everything Kim does is on purpose.”


And even though Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have both denied that they’re scoping the pregnant reality star, Dunkan Diet spokesperson Dianna Antiocer revealed that they “would definitely work with her.”

In addition to this wackiness, it’s been believed that momager Kris Jenner is pushing Miz Kardashian into shooting baby shower and baby bump pics, as well as gaining weight… because if Kim gets some dough off of her pregnancy, then so will Kris.


We honestly think this is just another tactic to make the starlet look bad because we doubt that Kim would step this low.

After all, Kimmy isn’t even planning on selling her baby pics, so why would she do something as crazy as this???


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