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Looks like Justin Bieber’s trying something new. Posing for pictures with some lucky fans, the Biebs showed off a brand new hairstyle.

And…is it just me or does he look like a cross between Ellen DeGeneres and Rihanna with this new ‘do?


Well, maybe “new” is the wrong word. The style he was rocking is more like a hybrid between his two most notable dos. He still has the shaved sides from his most recent haircuts, but instead of gelling his hair on top into that half-spike/half-pompadour construction we were just getting used to, he’s gone back to the side swoop bangs from his “Baby” days!

Now, it’s hard to say which haircut has been more iconic for Justin — the edgy spiked do, or the innocent swoop cut. Maybe Justin was just as hung up and decided to use elements from both styles. We’re not sure the result is a total hit, but  at least he’s trying something new.


If he’s anything like us, Justin could be using this new haircut to symbolize a fresh new start. Needless to say, things have not gone well under his former hairstyle’s regime. As the edgy Justin Bieber, he’s found himself in trouble time and time again — fighting paparazzi, being accused of using drugs and drinking sizzurp, and spitting on neighbors — maybe Justin realized he needed to dial back his bad boy persona and re-adopt the boy next door vibe.

We could see a brand new guy from here on out. Or this could just be a bad boy disaster in a different (AKA bad) haircut.