Who’s drinking the jump-off juice? It’s like Bebe’s kids have been reinvented – jump-off’s don’t die; they multiply! Every time you turn on the news lately, another high-profile cheating scandal is being revealed – Tiger, Tiki Barber, Shaq, Steven Seagal, and even Larry “old azz” King!

While I realize that infidelity has been around since the beginning of time, I have to say that with the onslaught of all the revelations in the media, particularly about cheating men, my faith in an honest-to-goodness faithful man is fading. I know they exist, but what does is take for them be or become faithful?

What we know for sure is that no matter what changes a woman takes herself through – praying, working out, cooking, cleaning, sex (freaky and often), having children, giving him your all and more – none of these things are guaranteed to keep your man home. Why?

The character and commitment of an individual must come from within. So I need to hear from some men who are getting it done faithfully with one woman. Enlighten us.

Are we women deceiving ourselves? Is it unrealistic or unnatural to expect a man, with all these jump-off options, to actually be loving and faithful to only one?

What about if you’re not married yet? Should you expect a person that you’re dating seriously to be faithful before marriage? For those that say no, then are you setting yourself or someone else up for failure? Let’s talk about it.

One thing is for sure: Men generally exercise their options, whereas women get their eyes locked in on one man, and that’s all they can focus on. Is it time for women to start playing the field more? Do we need to keep a team of players on the bench and, as they come up to bat, see who can hit the home run? Are we choosing the best man, as opposed to the man that’s just there?

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