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First Beyoncé, now KIM K at the center of “faking it” rumors.

Kim Kardashian made the morning television show circuit on March 26 in New York City, and debuted a visibly bigger baby bump as she heads into her sixth month of pregnancy. But with her baby bump getting bigger, Kim has been hit with reports that she is wearing a prosthetic bump to exaggerate her pregnancy!


While in New York City, Kim showed off her growing belly in atight leather camel-colored dress. But as Kim alternates between showing off her pregnant body in tight clothes and hiding her baby bump under flowy dresses, many have accused the mom-to-be of faking her pregnancy — or at the very least, exaggerating how far along she is by wearing a fake bump. alleged that while Kim was wearing her camel-colored leather dress, she was spotted getting out of a car withKim’s baby bump “folding” underneath her! “Kim Kardashian CLEARLY appears to be wearing a PROSTHETIC baby bump,” the site wrote on March 27. “she is CLEARLY trying to make people believe that she has a BIGGER bump than she actually has.”

The National Enquirer also alleged that Kim’s bump is a fake in the April 8 issue — and she’s using a prosthetic bump to convince the public she’s pregnant, because she reportedly stands to make $16 million off her pregnancy, according to the article.


To make matters more confusing, Kim’s baby bump looks a bit different from photo to photo. Sometimes, it appears she has an outie belly button — like when she rocked a tight white skirtand peach blouse on March 12 — and other times it doesn’t, like when she was hit with a bright flash while walking through the LA airport and cameras caught a glimpse of her belly and bra in a see-through black top.

She also confused fans and readers when she took to her blog to reveal that she struggles with her maternity wear, but said that her baby bump looks different every day.

“I’ve found that I’ve gained inches and I’ve gotten wider but my belly hasn’t popped yet, so I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy. Some days my baby bump really shows, and some days it doesn’t… so I never really know what I’m going to look like,” she wrote on her blog on March 1. It didn’t really make sense for her to say that her baby bump shows one day, but doesn’t another!

So here’s the truth:

Almost a month after that blog post, it’s clear that Kim’s belly has popped, especially in all of those tight skirts! She was even caught wearing Spanx, so it could be that her belly takes a different shape depending on what she wears and what style of Spanx she chooses to slip into.