After Rihanna‘s tour buses were stopped at the Michigan/Canadian border (and authorities found weed on board), Rihanna’s tour hit another roadblock, when trucks carrying her stage equipment were held at the border before her concert in Winnipeg. Although weed was found on the singer’s tour bus on March 20, a source said that wasn’t the case this time around.


“She thinks they f**king with her at the borders,” a source close to the singer explains.”Ain’t no f**king weed on her or her bus.”

Although Rihanna made it to her Winnipeg show venue on time via tour bus, the held trucks caused a concert delay.

“All her s**t, like her entire stage equipment, everything is on that d**n truck. She at the f**king venue now trying to see what’s going on,” the source says. “She’s pissed and panicking,”


Poor Rihanna! Although the sudden obstacle is a major stress for RiRi, the source assures she’ll be ready to perform.

“She’s here though, getting it together. All the b***h wants to do is perform!”

After Rihanna’s trucks were stopped, she took to Twitter to tell her fans.


“They held my trucks at the border!!! This is not a good look for Winnipeg! My stage is in those trucks, disassembled!” the singer wrote.”This means, the entire production could potentially start at a later time.”

She added, “My bus and I are at the venue! Still no trucks!!!”

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