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Hooray for Lindsay! On the March 11 finale of ‘The Bachelor’ Lindsay was devastated that Sean Lowe did not propose to her, but now she has found a new love and moved on!


Only those with a heart as cold as stone shed no tears when Missouri sweetheart Lindsay Yenter was eliminated on the season finale of The Bachelor, but dry those eyes because Wedding Dress Lindsay has got herself a new man! The coolest and most mature runner up ever talked all about her new man in an interview, and she reveals her true feelings on losing the Bachelorette role.

Lindsay may not have won Sean Lowe‘s heart, but that’s not to say that she hasn’t found love!

“I am seeing somebody. I’m very happy,” Lindsay told Life & Style at Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s clothing line launch for DaVinci of California. “I met my new guy about a month ago,” she says. “It’s crazy, once you’re done filming, you kind of realize what you want and it took about a month just to really mourn the relationship. After that, everything fell into place. I love where I live and I have a great guy in my life.”

This is so great for Lindsay! Instead of sitting around weeping over Sean, she went out and got herself a new mystery man, although she does not play down the hurt of not being picked.


“I really thought that I was going to be the one when I walked up there so it was devastating, but everything happens for a reason and I’m very happy now,” she explains. “It was hard because he said ‘I love you, but I’ve fallen for somebody else’ and no girl wants to hear that.”

Lindsay has no regrets, even if she does have a broken heart.

“It’s been surreal. When it comes down to it, I went on the show [because] I want to be a mom and a wife – it was a great experience,” she says. “I wouldn’t take a second back.”

Lindsay was rumored to be in the running to be the newest Bachelorette, but things did not work out. So what does she think about her love rival Desiree Hartsock landing the gig? She is so happy for her!

“I’m so proud of her,” says Lindsay. “I wish her nothing but the best. [She’ll absolutely find love]. She’s a beautiful person inside and out – and she’s going to rock it. She’s already glowing from it and she hasn’t even met anybody!”


Lindsay has got to be the most mature person ever! Not only did she say really nice things to Sean on the After The Final Rose special, she is wishing Des the best on a part that was nearly hers. What a cool chick!

Congratulations on your new man Lindsay!

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