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Celebrity Wife Swap premiered last night and it was quite interesting…

Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin seemingly have a lot in common — they were both featured on their own reality shows, and each competed on separate seasons of Dancing with the Stars – but when it comes to their home lives, they couldn’t be more different. Kendra was in for a world of shock when she stumbled into Kate’s home and took on the role of single mom to eight kids.

Kate, on the other hand, couldn’t believe that she would have to not only take care of just one kid for a week, but also leave nearly all of the house work to Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett and their housekeeper Rosa! AKA Kendra hit the the HUSBAND LOTTERY! Seriously, he gives her the princess treatment: cooks, draws her baths, books massage appointments…WHERE DO I FIND A GUY LIKE THAT?!

When Kate and Kendra arrived at each other’s houses, it was a complete shock where they would end up — until they saw the family pictures in each of the houses! When Kendra saw Kate Gosselin’s photo, she about had a heart attack — she would be taking care of eight kids by herself!

Kate was a little more relieved when she saw Kendra’s photo, because she knew she would have a husband to help and just one little (adorable kid to look after). When they read each other’s house rules and manuals, it got a little more complicated.

Kate found out that Kendra’s nanny Rosa takes care of the house work and little Hank most of the day, and there really isn’t a set structure to their schedule. ”Relax and have a drink on me,” the handbook said — what a treat!

Kendra was floored when she saw that Kate’s schedule with her eight kids is much more structured. She starts making their breakfast at 5:30 in the morning, and is ready for when the kids come down the stairs at 6:03 in the morning (not 6, and not 6:05). She finds out each kid has a set of strict chores, which is foreign to her since she has never had chores in her life!

When Kendra meets the eight kids, they are super standoffish. And Kendra admits she’s pretty bad at remembering names, so she’s not sure how the week is going to go. But the kids teach her how they make their lunches, what their chores are and how they continue with their routine — basically, the kids are mothering Kendra! ”Maddie is mentally older than I am,” Kendra admits.

Kate is in for a pleasant surprise when she sits back with a glass of wine and watches Hank make dinner on the grill. Then some of Kendra’s and Hank’s friends come over, and they all grill out and drink together. Kate says she can’t wrap her mind around grilling out randomly on a Monday night. Then, the night gets even crazier when the girls take Kate to a swanky LA club! She drinks some cocktails with the girls and tries to get used to a life of unwinding, but can’t get over that she’s normally in bed at that time.

Meanwhile, Kendra rests up for an early day with the kids. She makes them all cereal at 6 in the morning, which the kids aren’t pleased about. But the boys do their chores of feeding the chickens, and the girls get all the lunches together. After a hectic morning, Kendra looks ready to break down! Then later after dinner, the kids resume all of their daily chores and Kendra can hardly believe the kids have to do so much.

Over in Hollywood, Kate she goes to the golf course with Hank and reveals over dinner that she doesn’t know how to relax, and hasn’t had dinner with a man in years! Kate feels like Kendra is taking advantage of her husband and not spending enough time with their son Hank. ”I wouldn’t want it that way… nanny who was there all day for taking care of the house,” Kate says.”

When the moms institue new rules for their new families, Kendra gets rid of all the after-dinner chores, and wants the kids to just play and have fun! They even have a picnic for dinner in the middle of the living room, throwing out the tradition of eating at the dinner table every night.

She even took them to a local arcade park to play games and ride go karts for a night of fun and spontaneity – but she nearly loses one of the boys Aiden! Luckily, Aiden is found safe and sound, but Kendra soon realizes why Kate has so much structure in her life.

Kate, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction. She says little Hank needs to eat dinner at the table like a normal person, and needs to learn some chores of his own. So they learn to pick up his torys together. She also doesn’t think Kendra spends enough time with her family as a family, so she wants all three of them to participate in activities together! They do yoga as a family — and Hank Sr. isn’t fond of making that a tradition.

But by the end of the week, Kate is starting to appreciate what it means to let loose and relax a little bit, especially when there’s someone else to take care of her. Kendra is learning that structure can be a positive thing, and it makes the household run so much more smoothly.

When Kate and Kendra come face-to-face, the single mom of eight takes the gloves off and says what’s on her mind.

“It was my surprise to find that you have ONE child,” she revealed, and said it was was unique that she basically does “nothing.”

“You let everybody else do everything because you don’t care,” Kate says. “Between [Hank] and Rosa, they do everything, so essentially it enables you to do nothing.” She also says she needs to take some of the burden off Hank, who deos everything in their house.

Hank disagrees, but instead of getting defensive, Kendra is on the same page — she needs to give little Hank more chores, and take some of the responsibility off of her husband and their nanny. ”Kate has empowered me. I need to dedicate more time with little Hank,” she reveals.

On the flip side, Kate admits she needs to chill out a little bit, and not feel guilty having some time to herself. Kendra says she hopes she learned the value of spontaneity and letting loose.

It looks like both moms learned a lot from each family — and is so grateful for the family they do have!