Jennifer Lawrence fell on the most important day of her career and handled herself with total grace. The 22-year-old was walking up to get her Oscar at the 85th Annual Academy Awards and she fell! The entire audience gasped but she continued to smile and even made a joke about it during her speech!

The actress was walking up in her gorgeous white gown and she fell while walking up the stairs to the stage. When she finally got to the mic she joked and said “Don’t clap for me because you feel sorry for me because I fell.” She just smiled, giggled and kept going. Her speech was short and sweet — she is such a cool girl!

However, this isn’t the first time she showed her clumsy side to the world. Jennifer fell on Feb. 8 in London and lost one of her heels on the way to a pre BAFTA dinner. Then, her dress at the SAG Awards looked like it ripped. Jennifer actually talked about the incident to Piers Morgan: “My pants fell off!” she said. “Somebody trips me on the way, I remember that. I’m keepin’ it together, keepin’ it together … and then my pants fall off! Yep! Oh, god.”

Were you shocked to see Jennifer fall during the show? We felt awful for her but she definitely handled herself so well. This is just another example why she is Hollywood’s golden girl right now and deserved to win! She fell and LOOKED GOOD doing it, so who’s judging her? NOT ME!

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