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Pop music’s most infamous couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown, have recently reunited and been spotted looking happier than ever, but that’s not quite the angle that “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” is going to take in its latest episode based on the couple’s relationship.

The episode, ironically titled “Funny Valentine,” is inspired by the pre-Grammy domestic violence incident that occurred between the two pop stars in 2009.

The controversial “SVU” episode stars Tiffany Robinson, who plays the Rihanna-inspired character named Micha Charles, and Eugene Jones as her boyfriend Caleb Brown, who closely resembles the singer.

“He [Caleb] regularly beats her, which leads Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to wonder why she stays in the relationship,” reported the New York Daily News. “She also refuses to cooperate in prosecution despite the efforts of assistant district attorney Barba (Raul Esparza) to build a case.”

The episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday on NBC.

Check out the dramatic trailer below:

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