Obviously they have a rather on and off relationship, but Chris Brown and Rihanna are still an item.

Rihanna has a lot of endorsements along with her current booming music career.

But can her situation with Chris Brown actually cost her money with all of the negative publicity that it brings with her name and the news?!

Rihanna has a deal with MAC in the works that could help with as much as $15Millon in sales.

But how would MAC (or any other company) deal with the publicity of a high profile star like Rihanna, and her on again and off again relationship with Chris Brown?

When asked about the situation, MAC President John Demsey responded with:

“She’s a grown woman, and whatever makes her happy makes us happy. Life’s complicated. Far be it for us to judge,”

Experts are saying that:

“Rihanna is going to have to better manage the negative publicity she generates if she wants to keep landing lucrative endorsement deals as her career progresses. Because right now, her approval rating is at an all-time low.”

So maybe her relationship with Chris Brown will end up costing her a lot of money!

So take your pic RiRi….  “Love” or money…

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