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Apparently, somebody is taking this whole “try to knock some sense into Rihanna” thing WAY to seriously  because this is NOT COOL!

While in town for London Fashion week, Rihannas ecided that she wanted to go out for a little partying and it was all good until she tried to leave the club.

According to TMZ, an angry “fan” was outside, screaming things about her getting back with Chris Brown, then he threw a soda bottle at her, and the incident left her with a bloody knee.


According to reports, RiRi was leaving a club called The Box when someone threw a bottle of Lucozade (a UK energy drink) in her direction. The bottle apaprently didn’t hit her, but Rihanna allegedly scraped her knee during the commotion when she brushed up against a metal shop grate.

Whew! Glad she’s ok.

You know the world is backwards when Rihanna actually feels safer when shes WITH Chris Brown…


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