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It’s been a violent day across Indianapolis, with a murder, shootings and a fiery end to a police chase, all involving the same people.

Indianapolis Metro Police arrested two teenage boys, 15 and 17 years old, but they’re still investigating the teens’ connections to Wednesday’s incidents. At an afternoon news conference, IMPD said the suspects are being charged with dangerous possession of a firearm and resisting law enforcement.

It started at 8:30 am on the Indianapolis south side. Police arrived at a home in the 3300 block of Babette Court in Southport, where someone shot and killed a man backing out of his driveway. An hour later on the far northwest side near Eagle Creek Reservoir, someone shot a man who was out walking his dog. The victim was treated and is now back home recovering.

The Southport shooting victim was identified as 38-year-old John Yingling, a husband and father.

Yingling’s wife told police she was on the phone with her husband as he backed out of the couple’s driveway to leave for work. She heard another person and possible gunshots in the background and then the call was disconnected. She called 911 because she believed her husband was in distress.

Officers found Yingling in the cab of his truck with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead by medics a short time later.

At that point, police had a description of a stolen SUV they believed was part of the crimes. Officers spotted it at 38th and Lafayette, where an 18-mile chase began. The chased ended with a violent crash at the intersection of 56th and Northfield Drive in Brownsburg just before noon. The intersection didn’t open up again until 4:30 pm.

It’s believed the two teens drove a stolen SUV from Marion to Hendricks County, injuring or endangering innocent drivers in their path, includingIndianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee.

“Have them start blocking traffic at the interaction. I only want four cars in this pursuit,” came the call across the police scanner Wednesday morning.

Metro Police spent Wednesday morning trying to stop two teens speeding in a Ford Explorer stolen from the Indianapolis southeast side.

“The stop sticks were missed. We are getting ready to go westbound on 56th Street,” officers reported.

“My light turned green and as I was pulling out, I looked back and there was this SUV flying by me and he almost T-boned me, basically, so I swerved into the middle and then there was just a caravan of cops like you see on TV,” McAfee said. He was not injured.

The Colts punter was caught in the chase.

“I pulled over and parked with a couple of people,” he said.

Metro Police kept after the suspects.

“Control, it looks like they ditched something out of the window. They ditched it out of the right side,” an officer said.

Just after entering Brownsburg, the chase was over after the suspects crashed into at least two other vehicles at Northfield and 56th Street, sending two people to the hospital.

“I just came over the hill and the scene was crazy, was nuts. There was a car on fire. The SUV was on fire,” said McAfee. “There was a kid that was brought over by police to the ambulance. I think you got a shot of him. He was a young kid with bruises on his face.”

Police say the two teen suspects were taken to Wishard Hospital for treatment. They are now being questioned.

The mother and young girl who were in the Honda Pilot were not hurt. The driver and passenger in a red car were taken to St. Vincent Hospital with unknown injuries. The Colts’ punter says all the victims were talking to first responders.

Frightening moments

Neighbors in the area were very frightened.

“It was devastating. It was right in my backyard,” said Tracy Black, witness.

Tracy Black quickly ran outside Wednesday after she heard the sirens. The first thing she saw was a car on fire.

“I could hear cops yelling,” she said. “My back door was unlocked. I thought later, ya know, they got out of this car and they could have run and got into the house. You feel defenseless and think about how careful you need to be and what you need to do to prepare for safety.”

“Innocent people involved and a baby doll was on the ground,” added Black. “I just saw them get the man out of the car with a stretcher and he could stand on his own.”

The chase and crash rattled this community.

“I have kids and they are older and you just think about them being involved. Anything can happen this close to home. It’s devastating,” said Black.

The two teen suspects were taken to Wishard Hospital in handcuffs.


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