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Dag Kris really really got hurt in this situation and all of this is out of anger and trying to prove Kim did him wrong (which I think she did) but Kris cue the violins its over! She’s literally pregnant with someone else’s baby, sign the papers and move one. – Reka

TMZ is reporting!

Kris Humphries is threatening to destroy Kim Kardashian’s reality TV career, unless he gets what he wants in their divorce case … this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Disso queen Laura Wasser complains in new docs … Humphries’ lawyer, Lee Hutton, was LYING when he told the judge he didn’t tell her he was on a mission to “blow the lid off reality television”

What’s more … Wasser strongly insinuates Humphries and Hutton have been threatening to use the divorce case to “expose” Kim’s show, unless they get money and/or an annulment.

As for Hutton’s threat, Wasser says he bluntly told her, “The Kardashians or Bunim-Murray [producers of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’] do not want that to happen.”

Wasser says Hutton has virtually ignored the divorce … she says 95% of his deposition questions have been about the ins and outs of Kim’s show. Among the questions Hutton asked producers:

“Is any aspect of season 6 [which features Humphries] scripted? If so, who maintains those scripts?”

“Are storyboards created for season 6?”

“It’s not uncommon for a producer … to give direction to cast members during a particular scene, is it?”

“Can you tell me who gave direction to the characters for the Bora Bora episode on what topics they should discuss? [The episode in which Kris finds out Kim had previously been married].”

Wasser also calls BS on Humphries’ claim he can’t deal with his divorce case during basketball season. Wasser says he has plenty of days off, including the upcoming All-Star Game — which she’s certain will not require his participation.


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