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Harry ‘doesn’t care’ that Taylor Swift has already written five songs about their relationship, according to gossip site In fact, according to a source, his One Direction band mates are teasing him about being her next ‘victim!’

Taylor Swift released her newest album Red just a few months ago, in Oct. 2012, but a new report in OK! magazine says that her ex Harry Styles is giving her plenty of material and she’s already written five new songs about their relationship and break up! A source confirms to that Harry isn’t worried about her kissing and telling, in fact, he “doesn’t care” and he’s completely “moved on!”

A source close to Harry said  “Harry doesn’t care that the songs are being written about him! If they are about him, he is in no rush to hear them. He’s moved on. The only thing related to Taylor and him is that his band mates are joking with him that he is the next victim of her songs!”

“He is taking everything in stride, and in his eyes, she can do whatever she wants!”

Taylor, 23, and Harry, 18, split just after a romantic New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Just a few days later, Taylor went to work and tweeted, “Back in the studio. Uh oh…”

Taylor loves to write about her ex boyfriends, and has never admitted to it by name, but it’s widely known that “Dear John” is about John Mayer, “Back To December” is about Taylor Lautner and “Forever and Always” is about Joe Jonas.

Taylor is definitely not shy about writing about guys, and Harry is next up to bat!

“Lyrics have been written [about Harry],” a source tells OK! magazine. Apparently, enough for five full songs! Yikes!