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I think tattoos are awesome!  I have a few myself.

The main issue is what people get put on their bodies, along with WHERE they put their Tattoos…

Sometimes Tattoos don’t belong on certain parts of the body.

The face is prolly the worst place to get a tattoo.  Not sure why someone would want to get a face tatt, but hey whatever.

I came across a story of a guy who tattooed his name all the way across her face…. the twist?  He only knew her for 24 hours before she agreed to let this happen.

And now they’re getting married… Of Course they are.

The girl is actually the girl in the picture for this blog, so if you have to hit back to check it out, please do.

She looked great without the tattoo, and then she got it done…. and wow.


Check out what she looks like here!!!!   Barf.

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