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Sleep. Rest is your best friend at this point to give your body a recover. It is best to stay in bed so call in to work if you have to, tell them you have the stomach flu. You will sound so horrible on the phone that they may believe you (unless they saw you at the bar, then it is not a good idea).

Replenish your body with fruit or vegetable juice and water.

Avoid caffeine. A weak cup of coffee may be okay but a lot of caffeine will continue to dehydrate you, the opposite of what you want right now.

Drink orange juice for Vitamin C.

Eat mineral and protein rich food, even if you don’t feel like it.

In Poland, drinking pickle juice is a common remedy. Barbara Rolek, Guide to Eastern European Food, has more Hangover Food suggestions from this region.

Drink a Bloody Mary. While the popular phrase “hair of the dog that bit you” may sound logical with a shot of whiskey left in the bottle next to your bed, it’s only temporary. Try a Bloody Mary instead, while your blood is dealing with the new alcohol it is ignoring the old and in the mean time tomato juice and celery are full of replenishing vitamins. If you drank the last of the vodka make a Virgin Mary or Bloody Maria.

Other spicy morning after drink options are Hair of the Dog, in which gin and hot sauce are sure to bite your hangover back, and the Carrot & Cilantro Cooler, another vitamin packed savory drink. Yet another classic option (sans spice) are the aptly named Corpse Reviver drinks: #1 (brandy), #2 (gin), #2011.

Take a shower, switching between cold and hot water.

Try Alka Seltzer Morning Relief. One reader says that it’s all that he and his wife have found that really works for them. He stumbled across this “cure” while his wife was still suffering after two days, within 15 minutes after taking the Alka Seltzer she was fine.

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