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Who better to dish all the info on this season of  “The Bachelor” than the host himself, Chris Harrison?!

Chris’ bachelor blog on Entertainment Weekly revealed what viewers maybe didn’t get to see during the Jan. 7 premiere — he said Sean was so nervous to meet all of his potential mates!

“I’m glad the season started with an ample amount of Sean catching us up on his life and just enough of that came with his shirt off to let you know after his heartbreak with Emily he didn’t go on a three-month ice cream and doughnut bender,” Chris joked in his blog.

Chris also said that Sean has a good sense of who wasn’t there for the right reasons — and the ones who are on just for TV. He put Paige Vigil from The Bachelor Pad in that category, and implied Ashley P‘s antics with 50 Shades of Grey and the tie ready for bondage.

Lindsay’s “bold stunt” — showing up in a wedding dress — also gave suspicious vibes. “This move and Lindsay’s personality really skirted that grey area with Sean. He has a great sense of humor but Lindsay almost pushed things too far,” Chris wrote. But Sean ended up giving her a rose anyway!

But here’s where things get REAL INTERESTING.

“We surprised Sean with a special 26th bachelorette this season,” Chris blogged. “We all know Kacie from Ben’s season and she pleaded for permission to come back to meet Sean. These two met before the show and apparently hit it off enough in Kacie’s mind that she felt it was worth all she’d have to go through to come back and fight for Sean’s heart along with the other 25 women.”

Sounds like Kacie really wants to find love — especially with Sean! Chris said Sean is the most sincere Bachelor host they’ve ever had — and we agree!

Heck, Sean is HOT…I’d BEG to be on there too! Wait…is it too late to throw myself in as a Wild Card?

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