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It looks like Kim and Kanye are holding out for the big bucks! The couple recently turned down a $3 million offer for the first pics of their baby. Why? Momager Kris Jenner believes they can make double!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expected to make tons of money when their little one arrives, and the longer they wait the better, because Kris Jenner has it all under control! According to, A friend of the Kardashian family said ”Kris instructed Kim and Kanye to NOT sell photos of their baby for a mere $3 million! Kris thinks they could get double the amount.”

In addition to passing on the $3 million offer by an overseas tabloid, TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye aren’t planning on selling their photos to anyone in the near future. Why? Because the longer the wait, the more money they will get!

Another source said,”The main reason that Kim is not selling her pics yet is because she knows she will get more money once it gets closer to the birth, and also she doesn’t want to sell the pics yet because Kanye thinks that it is bad luck.”

“He thinks that if they sell now, and something goes wrong with the pregnancy then he would definitely think that is the reason,” says the source. “He is very superstitious!”

Wait…are they giving birth to a baby or a bank account? Hmm….

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