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Here’s my list of the top 20 WORST Christmas gifts you could possibly receive!

20. Back hair shaver (i have no back hair…it’s a genetic thing)

19. Fruitcake (why not just gag me with a long spoon)

18. Toilet brush (are you trying to say something about my bowels?)

17. Snow globe (boring and unoriginal)

16. Spot removal tool (maybe I like bbq stains on my white t-shirt)

15. Wallet (eh…boring)

14. Knitted sweater (i’d rather wear used underwear from goodwill)

13. A movie (chances are i’ve seen the movie a million times)

12. Rubiks cube (why not just get me a dictionary?)

11. A calendar (it’s 2012, not 1996…we have phones for that now)

10. Pants/nice slacks (c’mon grandma…really?)

9. Nose hair trimmer (i take offence to that)

8. Scented candles (just no)

7. Puzzle (yeah, maybe it I was 3 or 83…but I’m 21)

6. Lotion/body spray (let’s just stay away from the personal hygiene stuff, okay?)

5. A card (unless there’s a gift card in it worth a lot of $$ to a store that I actually like)

4. Iron (what if I like my clothes wrinkly?)

3. Socks (give me toe socks and I will poke you in the eye with item number 18)

2. Anything I can use at school only (it’s Christmas…are you kidding?)

1. Clothes that are three sizes too big (the family members that never see you…just cause I’m tall doesn’t mean I need an XXL shirt)

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT: Money! Visa gift cards are great, too! Let me use the money and get what I really want! That way no one’s feelings are hurt and I won’t get stuck putting on that fake “Oh my goodness I love it” smile! After a while they catch on.

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