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The singer’s unorthodox promotional event, tied to the release of her new album, “Unapologietic,” later this month began with much promise. The 250 guests who boarded the plane Wednesday in Los Angeles were promised a “once-in-a-lifetime” ride – but instead gave them a glimpse of the frustrating, sleep-deprived life of an artist on the road.

“Long waits on tarmac and in buses, no sleep, and no sightings of her royal highness since our initial ascent into the skies has the denizens of the Rihanna plane feeling restless,” wrote MTV Style’s Maud Deitch.

“Yes, we’re experiencing the day to day life of a musician on the road,” wrote Billboard’s Erika Ramirez Sunday. “But not specifically Rihanna’s. Beside’s the champagne sipping on Wed. (Nov. 14), we haven’t had a second glimpse of Rihanna off stage.”

Somewhere between Berlin and London Monday morning, an Australian shock jock streaked through the cabin of the Boeing 777 that had been ferrying the “Diamonds” singer, contest winners and journalists on a chaotic seven-day, seven-country promotional tour.

The media members among the hundreds of passengers had already been fuming over their complete lack of access to the singer during the tour. Around 3:30 a.m., the crowd started chanting, “Save Our Jobs, Save Our Jobs,” according to E! News.

Rihanna popped her head out of business class for a moment to see what the commotion was about before disappearing again, according to witnesses.

“Crowd chanted “Just one quote!,” “I need a headline!” and “Occupy 777” while Aussie journo stripped naked and ran around the plane.”

News Source: NY Daily News

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