Halloween is coming fast!  Do you have any idea what you’re going to be this year?  I’m a believer in the fact that it’s way easier for guys to throw together a costume.  Ladies nail the costume though!  Takes careful thought and precision.

I went online and found a test (sort of) to help you figure out what kind of “Sexy” costume that you should be for Halloween.  This is geared more for the ladies, but I went ahead and took it to see if it has Costume ideas for guys as well.  I ended up with “Sexy Ghostbuster”.  That’s definitely not something I’m trying to be.  ;)  But I wasn’t complaining about the pic that came up when it suggested my costume! haha!   Take the quiz here and figure out what you should be for Halloween this year!

Is Lindsay Lohan for REAL?!  Take a look at the Tweet she sent out here!!

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