A book by later Kinks bassist Pete Quaife is to be pulped after its publisher gave up a legal fight over its cover picture.

Veritas Volume 1 is a work of fiction which Quaife had been trying to get published for many years. It finally appeared in February 2011, eight months after his death. It was pulled from sale earlier this year as a result of photographer Harrie Verstappen’s claim of ownership of the cover photo.

Quaife’s brother Dave says he’s devastated that charity money won’t come in from the book, and its sequel is unlikely to be published.

In a statement Dave reports: “Veritas is no longer available. Although assured by Hiren Publishing there were no copyright infringements on the sleeve, the book was taken off Amazon after complaints by Harrie Verstappen, claiming he owns the photo copyright.

“My publisher was unable to trace her legal advisor to rectify the problem. As a result all the remaining books have been destroyed.

“As a matter of interest the same photograph can be found on many FaceBook pages and on the web, except for ours after the FaceBook team removed them. I am devastated, upset with this outcome and we will do our best for recompense.”

Veritas was Quaife’s story of a 1960s band and its ups and downs in the music business, largely based on his own career with the Kinks. Veritas II was expected in 2013.

After the announcement some supporters offered to donate the £17.95 cover price of the book direct to the foundation, which seeks to raise funds for kidney dialysis following Quaife’s death from renal failure.

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