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I’m Rachel! An outgoing gal from Gnawbone, Indiana (no, I’m not kidding, you can GoogleMap exists), I swear I never meet a stranger. I am a graduate of Indiana University in good ol’ B-Town, where I majored in journalism and political science and was in the pre-law program. Since summer of 2009, I’ve been having a blast as the chick on the jumbotron emceeing Fever and Pacer games.I recently moved to the west side of Indy and love it! I cant decide if I’m more of a tom-boy or girly-girl–I think I’m stuck somewhere in the middle. I’m a former pageant girl but I’m also a HUGE sports fan..seriously, I’m the closest thing to a son my dad will ever have! My favorites are basketball, football and motorsports (I’m an IndyCar and MotoGP fanatic, but I used to work for NASCAR when I was in college). I am a carb-o-holic, love Italian food, Hooters hotwings, sweet tea, love to cook and run, and have a weird obsession with putting hot sauce on everything. Here’s a few other interesting tidbits: when I was 16 I auditioned for American Idol in St. Louis, there’s a naval destroyer named after one of my great uncles–Bull Halsey, my family is full of freakish University of Kentucky b-ball fans (so much that one of my uncles has the original flooring from Memorial Stadium and makes pimp canes out of it [seriously!]), and I flew planes before I drove cars. I’m pretty sure that the Indy police are quickly learning that I have a lead foot, but I just tell myself I’m channeling Ricky Bobby. Shake n’ Bake!

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