<a href="https://twitter.com/rachelbogle">Follow @rachelbogle</a> Hi! I'm Rachel, AKA the other half of "Kyle & Rachel." You may also know me as my alias, "Raquel" from Wrong Number Flirting on Thursdays at 7:30am. But you can hear me EVERY morning from 6-10am hosting the Morning Show on RadioNOW 100.9! I'm a born-and-bred Hoosier girl from Gnawbone, Indiana. And YES, that is a real place (Google Map it!). It's sort of like a suburb of Nashville, Indiana, which is a super metropolitan town in Brown County with 4 stoplights, one grocery store, a McDonalds AND a Subway. But our claim to tourism fame is trees...LOTS of TREES. I'm the middle of three sisters and a proud graduate of Brown County High School (aka the only high school in the whole county) Class of '06, where I specialized in being a theatre and showchoir geek, cheerleading, and not sitting at the cool-kid table. I'm also a 2010 graduate of Indiana University where I majored in Journalism, Political Science and Pre-Law. But ironically, since entire dad's side of the family is from Kentucky, I was raised around rabid University of Kentucky fans. So I'm actually a big UK basketball fan. I know...blasphemy right? Aside from goofing around in the radio every morning, I also enjoy running, yoga/pilates, cooking and trying to be the next Paula Deen (if Paula Deen shopped at Whole Foods), music of all kinds, singing, sports (I'm a big IndyCar, MotoGP, basketball and Colts football fan), online shopping, shopping in general, bargain hunting, Pinterest, and live-Tweeting my inner-most ridiculous thoughts, especially during serious televised events (check out the link to follow me on Twitter). I'm also a slave to my three TV guilty pleasures: Basketball Wives, Big Rich Atlanta and Chelsea Lately (Chelsea Handler is my spirit animal, for-realz). Also, Tim Tebow is my future husband, he just doesn't know it yet... *waves* Hey Timmmmyyyyyyyy!